Homeschool materials to teach STEM themed reading comprehension to high-school students or ESL students of any age in a fun and interesting way. Colorful, high-quality worksheets (with full lesson plans) will have your kids loving these lessons. With enough material to cover 4 or 5 lessons, the readings have warm-ups, skimming activities, reading comprehension questions, true/false activities, discussions, group work & a final presentation! Includes FIVE Full Lesson Plans on Famous Inventors & Scientists Plenty to keep your class busy and productive!!


3 Readings with:


✓ Pre and post-reading activities

✓ Comprehension Checks

✓ Vocabulary Building

✓ Discussion Activities; &

✓ Ted Talks

✓ Kahoot Quiz

✓ Research & Presentation Work

✓ 2 End of Unit Worksheets

✓ Extra/Homework Activities



The three people covered are:


Elon Musk: entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, engineer & inventor


Mae Jemison:: the first African-American woman to go into space.


Boyan Slat: young Dutch inventor who gained fame through his TED Talk on an innovative way to clean up the world's oceans.

Famous Scientists & Inventors- 5 Lesson Advanced Reading Worksheet Bundle